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ECU testing and engine management

Get the best out of your car by making sure everything is in full working order. Our engine management includes a thorough check and ECU test which will look at:

What's the point of having a performance car if you're not getting maximum enjoyment from it?


As performance car specialists we can boost your car with the latest engine management technology that optimises fuel burning, ignition timing, idling speed and cylinder air flow.


By electronically fine tuning your engines efficiency with an Engine Control Unit, we can help you get the most out of your car. For more information or to discuss any queries or concerns that you may have about your car, call Car Craft Scotland Ltd and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of the team.

Why not let us boost your car's performance?


To arrange an ECU test in the Broxburn area, call Car Craft Scotland Ltd today on 0131 440 1100

• Control of air/fuel ratio

• Ignition timing

• Control of idle speed

• Variable valve timing

• Electronic valve control

• And much more

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Based In Broxburn we are nearby to Linlithgow, Kirkliston and Newbridge.