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What can we offer you?

• ABS checks and repairs

• Traction control checks

• Airbag part replacement

• Airbag repairs

• Safety checks on all braking components

• And much more

With a host of advanced features in today's vehicles, keeping track of what each manufacturer is doing, and being able to consistently fault find and fix is where we excel.


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) are just two of those advanced technologies that require specialist knowledge. ABS is available in various channels and speed sensors - if your speed sensors or other elements get damaged it's important to get them professionally fixed.


If you see your airbag light flashing on your dashboard, or have recently deployed your airbag, call us and we'll replace the parts you need quickly, ensuring you're safe again on the road.

Are you looking for an ABS and SRS specialist?


As experts in ABS and SRS repairs, call Car Craft Scotland Ltd in Broxburn today on

0131 440 1100

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Based In Broxburn we are nearby to Linlithgow, Kirkliston and Newbridge.